Wed. Aug 27 2014

Chesapeake Bay "dead zone" particularly bad this August affecting fish and crabs

Lake Waterhen fishermen want to bypass FFMC and sell their MSC-certified walleye direct to U.S.

Tokyo will try to reinstate Antarctic "research" whaling at upcoming IWC meeting

DFO prepares to tamp down gear conflicts as more PEI fishermen turn to eel harvesting

Cape Breton Bivalve expanding its mussel farming operation and adding processing line

Marine Harvest says it will rise to challenges of Russian sanctions

Tue. Aug 26 2014

S&P Downgrades American Seafood Group, says 'will have difficulty complying with financial covenants

Fraser sockeye run still coming on strong   (1) 

Wegmans to launch own brand of Gulf shrimp as part of promotional campaign with Marketing Coalition

Crab poaching by Russians in Japanese EEZ rises rapidly, reflecting more enforcement in Russia

Apalachicola oyster recovery getting over $6 million in federal disaster funds

ISSF says Big-eye tuna is experiencing correctable overfishing, not a spiral to disaster  

India sets ambitious seafood export target: doubling value in three years to $10 billion

Proposals now being sought to gauge economic potential of Alaskan mariculture (Fish Radio)

Popeyes ramping up seafood choices as part of successful strategy to differentiate

New Ahold USA chief McCann outlines his ambitious "Project Thunder" plans

Newfoundland invests in online sea lice monitoring system

Russia calls New Zealand's effort to create Ross Sea MPA "territorial games"

Terrebone fishermen upset over disruptive seismic survey during shrimp season

Fiji developing snapper fishery as domestic tuna industry struggles

Western Pacific Fishery Council calls on President Obama to abandon vast marine monument

With battle for Market Basket apparently nearly over, can it thrive again? (Opinion)

Captain D's strikes two more franchise deals that will open stores in Georgia and Florida

Japan preparing to propose 50% cut in young tuna catch in Western and Central Pacific  

Burger King will buy Tim Hortons in $11 billion deal

Ocean acidication poses latest threat to Long Island Sound's shellfish industry News Summary Tuesday Aug 26, 2014

Mon. Aug 25 2014

Final details of Canadian free trade agreement with EU provide big boost to lobster, seafood exports

Thai shrimp exporters get final 1.1% duty rate decision from Commerce  

Cooked and peeled coldwater shrimp prices hit record highs, based on Icelandic sales data   (1) 

Tilapia seedlings in short supply, Hainan hatcheries expanding production by 20%  

Despite some bright spots and exeeding projections, Alaska's salmon numbers far below last year   (1) 

Kotzebue - far above Arctic Circle - sees record chum fishery this year  

Short supply raising shrimp prices in Japan  

Market Basket board calls off crucial Sunday evening meeting

Methane is seeping from seafloor Off East Coast, scientists say

Globalpesca's Eduardo Infante says Chile's toothfish management is a disaster  

Vietnam's tuna industry learning to get top dollar in Japan  

Letters: Consumer reports did not suggest pregnant women eat less fish

Long lines and surging interest in imported seafood lead to bare shelves at Shanghai free trade zone

We are choking the oceans with plastic (Opinion)

McDonald's faces 'Millennial' challenge customers in their 20s and 30s are defecting to fast-casual

Russia to tighten domestic controls on fish prices

Seafood Expo in Barcelona, now Seafood Expo Southern Europe grows, but no match for Brussels

Camanchaca posts $9.3 million in 1H revenue on improved salmon sales, prices and production costs  

Faith, grit and resourcefulness keep last boat homeported in Nantucket going

American Heartland Fish Products abandons exporting Asian carp, making meal and oil instead

Burger King in talks to buy Tim Hortons and form new company based in Canada

Japan's Fisheries Agency unveils warning system to curb overfishing of bluefin tuna  

Cool clean water will be released into lower Klamath to save salmon News Summary Monday Aug 25, 2014

Fri. Aug 22 2014

Major seafood companies call for US ban on imports of Russian king crab, pollock, salmon   (2)

Global Shrimp production declined at least 12% in 2013, say experts at Aquaculture Roundtable

Robust Asian demand for limited live lobster supplies see market prices creep up  

Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers wholeheartedly endorse call for ban on Russian seafood imports

Commerce finalizes higher duty rates for Indian shrimp exporters in 8th review  

Gulf of Maine's dire cod stock data will undergo independent review next week in New Hampshire

Cook Inlet's commercial setnetters manage respectable 2014 harvest amid number of restrictions  

Impact from BC mining accident on Fraser sockeye murky as prices retreat on strong run (Fish Radio)  

McDonald's USA president to retire, new president named

Innovative squid net reduces bycatch dramatically in tests off Massachusetts

WCPFC member nations' failure to provide essential tuna catch data equated to IUU fishing  

Final Market Basket bid by Arthur T. Demoulas expected today

As weather gets drier in the Mekong rice farmers increasingly switch to shrimp harvesting  

Norway will allow fish farmers to delay harvest to reduce effects of Russian ban

Louisiana shrimpers and Gulf oilmen butt heads over seismic blasting operations

Reporters take on role of food watchdogs in China, uncover deceptions with scallops and oysters

Fresh Foods Solutions seeks patent for fuel cell based refrigeration system for fresh seafood

Ahold US stores Q2 comps off 1.8 percent, Peapod sales growing rapdly

Fresh Market Q2 sales gains driven by new store openings, comps gain News Summary Friday August 22, 2014

Thu. Aug 21 2014

Alarmed by seafood demand in Brazil, China, Japan trading houses investing abroad to assure sourcing

Peggy Parker hired as sustainability editor for SeafoodNews   (2)

Gulf shrimp catches down 17% in July as weather distorts landings in La. and TX  

Southeast Alaska salmon fisheries threatened by BC mines, Sec'y Kerry could use treaty as leverage

NFI says Consumer Reports is way off base telling pregnant women to avoid canned tuna News Summary Thursday August 21, 2014

Baader unveils new generation snow crab processing machine in Newfoundland with yield, labor savings

Famed Delaware chef and restaurateur Matt Haley dies in motorcycle crash in India

Bejing high court upholds anti-monopoly ruling against Zhangzidao's scallop sales practices

Norway is now shipping salmon fry direct to two Murmansk salmon farms

Tai Foong USA's Northern Chef brand is first ASC tilapia to be distributed to domestic retailers  

Seafood Source makes huge mistake with false story about American Seafoods   (1)

LFA 32 rumored to be site of Nova Scotia fish minister's $0.5 per pound lobster levy pilot project  

China Fishery Group accepting anchovies in lieu of cash for Copeinca obligations

Russian food safety officials clamp down on McDonald's; close four stores, start random inspections

Bi-Lo Holdings, parent of Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo, pulls IPO

Striped bass still on New England menus and in stores, as new Massachusetts harvest rules pay off

Daily Astorian: Proposed tarriff on port's seafood processors a bad idea

Russian seafood processors complain as EU processed fish escapes ban

Austevoll Seafood Q2 net profit up, future effect of Russian ban seen as temporary

Consumer Reports ignores FDA advice and urges pregnant women not to eat any tuna in new report

ASMFC proposing cuts in striped bass harvest as precautionary measure

Russia lifts embargo on imported salmon smolt  

Wed. Aug 20 2014 News Summary Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

Ecuador shrimp production and sales surging, up 31% in July vs. year ago  

California fishermen find massive squid run off Santa Barbara coast  

Russian stores sell shrimp 'from Belarus' to cope with food ban  

Marine Harvest decides to pull Chilean operations out of Lake Llanquihue in Los Lagos

Newfoundland's inshore shrimp cuts blamed for lack of work at Notre Dame Seafoods  

Original Soupman with star studded backers, gaining new distribution

Russia boosting funding for fisheries, including significant investments in aquaculture

Troubled Greek fish farmer Nireus unable to restructure under antiquated bankruptcy laws

Fall PEI lobster prices higher than a year ago, but still below prices paid in spring  

Russian Sea Co. faces 60% revenue decline, heavy losses as it cannot make up salmon shortfall  

Sockeye prices tumbling as Fraser late run expected  

Fish markets steer US consumers towards lesser known, locally caught seafood species

High juvenile Chinook mortality at sea linked to falling production rates in Alaska (Fish Radio)

New Zealand quota management paying off, as minister announces increases in Hoki, Orange roughy TAC  

Massachusetts river herring populations rebound, good bycatch news for New England herring fleet

Jane Brody: "Lots of reasons to eat fish"

Virginia launches Oyster Trail, declares November Virginia Oyster Month

The New England lobster roll is migrating westward  

Mar-Lees legal battle nears closure as RICO arbitration panel nears decision on damages

VASEP pangasius distribution hub in Zeebrugge Port needs exporter support

Bumble Bee attracts early takeover interest from Thai Union and Post Holdings

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S&P Downgrades American Seafood Group, says 'ASG will have difficulty complying with financial covenants'

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - August 26, 2014

Standard and Poors has lowered its corporate credit rating on American Seafood Group to CCC+ from B-, and they say "the outlook is negative."  According to S&P the CCC rating means it considers a company currently vulnerable, and dependent upon favorable business, financial, and economic conditions to meet its financial commitments.
S&P also lowered their issue-level rating on the company's senior secured debt  to B from B+.
They also say the recovery rating is very high, meaning...

Full Story »

Fraser sockeye run still coming on strong

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - Aug 26, 2014

The Fraser River Panel of the International Pacific Salmon Commission held their weekly assessment meeting Friday, August 22nd.  They continue to revise upward the sizes of this years sockeye runs.

Japanese sources say the pace of the catch now exceeds that in 2010 which was the strongest year in 100 years. In 2010, priority was given to the upstream runs and large harvests took place as a result of increased catch in rivers in September. This year, it is reported that actual commercial catch is being planned for a greater extent earlier, and allocations have been expanded following the openings. Allocations of at least 5 million fish were achieved by mid-August, which is five times the pace of  four years ago. 

Local sources suggest the possibility that, depending on the pace of the late runs, the final catch might match that of four years ago or even exceed it.

The stocks being estimated  by the panel include an early summer run, a summer run, and a late summer run.  The late summer run is the largest and is expected to account for the greatest number of fish. 

The panel left unchanged their upward revised estimate of the early summer run, at 2.2 million fish. 

They boosted their in-season estimate of the summer run to 7.0 million ..

Full Story »

Wegmans to launch own brand of Gulf shrimp as part of promotional campaign with Marketing Coalition

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] - August 26, 2014

Wegmans and the Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition (GSMC) will feature fresh Gulf seafood in stores from now until the first week of September. The promotion will also feature the launch of Wegmans' own brand of wild-caught, peeled and deveined shrimp product straight from the Gulf of Mexico.

The promotion arrives in time for the Labor Day holiday weekend and will take advantage of the last major grilling holiday and the return of consumers' back-to-school routines.

"Wegmans is dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients to our customers, helping to make great meals easy and affordable. The savory Gulf of Mexico seafood flavors fit into this plan, and the Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition is a great partner to us," said Dave Wagner, Vice President of Seafood Merchandising. "We are confident that once customers taste our new Wegmans brand wild-caught Gulf of Mexico shrimp and learn easy preparation techniques, it will soon become a favorite."

On Friday, Aug. 29,  the Rochester, NY-based grocery store chain will also feature Gulf Coast seafood cooking demonstrations, freshly-prepared wild-caught Gulf shrimp dish samples and educational grilling techniques....

Full Story »

Crab poaching by Russians in Japanese EEZ rises rapidly, reflecting more enforcement in Russia

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [JAPAN REPORTS]  Hokkaido - Aug 26, 2014

The Hokkaido Fisheries Adjustment Office of the Fisheries Agency said it has collected during this summer 291 crab baskets that appeared have been set by Russian fishing boats in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) off Monbetsu, northeastern Hokkaido, as well as 2,482.9 kilograms of snow crab (corresponding to 6,439 crab) caught in those baskets.
The number of baskets collected show a sharp increase of 5.5-fold from a year ago, with the volume of poached crab swelling 4.8-fold.
The office suspected that the Russian boats are engaging in illegal fishing activities, shifting the fishing grounds into the Japanese EEZ as regulation by the Russian authorities have been tightened within its own domestic waters.
The Fisheries Agency's four enforcement vessels conducted this year’s basket collection activities twice in July 7-22 and July 26-August 4 in the area near the Russian border.
The vessels sank special equipment to the sea bottom...

Full Story »

Apalachicola oyster recovery getting over $6 million in federal disaster funds

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] - August 26, 2014 - 

NOAA will disburse $6,310,216 of new disaster assistance funding to help restore the oyster fishery in Apalachicola Bay Florida.

On August 12, 2013, a federal fisheries disaster was declared for the oyster fishery along the northwest coast of Florida due to excessive drought conditions in Apalachicola Bay and elsewhere in the Florida Panhandle that have caused the regional economy to suffer significantly. Historically, the Apalachicola Bay region has produced 90 percent of Florida's oysters and 10 percent of the oysters supplied to the entire country.

Senator Rubio who announced the award along with Senator Nelson said he remains committed to restoring water flows to Apalachicola Bay...

Full Story »

ISSF says Big-eye tuna is experiencing correctable overfishing, not a spiral to disaster

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - August 26, 2014

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation says some recent rhetoric from regional news agencies that has suggested the bigeye tuna stock in the Western Pacific is on the verge of collapse. In their view, this is simply not true.  While the Foundation does agree that the region's bigeye stock is on the decline and is being overfished, the group said there is still time to the right the ship.

According to the ISSF's Victor Restrepo data from the Scientific Committee of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission shows the bigeye tuna stock is declining but not on the brink of extinction as some participants in WCPFC meetings have suggested this summer. In 2014 the stock assessment for the fishery showed a depletion level of 16 percent. Restrepo points out that this is actually smaller than 2011's 21 percent depletion, and the current WCPFC target is 20%...

Full Story »

Proposals now being sought to gauge economic potential of Alaskan mariculture (Fish Radio)

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Alaska retaliates against Russia’s seafood boycott reactions and help wanted to get Alaska mariculture moving. 

Department of Commerce director Penny Pritzker, who was in Alaska, said a priority is to put an Office of Export Assistance in Alaska -- in part, to help more than 600 companies that export goods internationally. 

Switching to Alaska mariculture – a Request for Proposals is out for an Economic Analysis of Alaska’s Mariculture potential. The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation believes it can be a billion dollar industry in 30 years. The analysis will serve as a road map for a statewide strategic plan. Deadline is September 19...

Full Story »

Popeyes ramping up seafood choices as part of successful strategy to differentiate

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Food Business News]  by Monica Watrous Aug 26, 2014

ATLANTA — Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is going fishin’. The fast-food chain may be better known for its bone-in chicken, but building a stronger seafood platform has become a strategic priority for the company.

“With the launch of our digital menu boards across our system, we freshened our menu with the same strategic intent that we have had for the last few years of building our boneless chicken and seafood products, ” said Cheryl Bachelder, CEO, during an Aug. 21 call with analysts to discuss third-quarter earnings. “That platform has been an important driver of our growth, and we expect it will continue to be. We are the only brand with, we believe, the credibility to sell fabulous seafood in addition to our well-known famous advantage for chicken. ”
The chain this year added Cajun fish to the core menu and last quarter launched for a limited time cracked pepper shrimp with blackened tartar dipping sauce. Popcorn shrimp, butterfly shrimp, and seafood po’boy sandwiches also are on the menu...

Full Story »

Thai shrimp exporters get final 1.1% duty rate decision from Commerce

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - August 22, 2014

As it did with duty rates for Indian shrimp exporters this past Thursday, the Department of Commerce upheld higher rates for Thai exporters in its final determinations for the 8th period of review.

Commerce made no changes to its preliminary rate findings it reported back in March.  The review, which covers shipments from February 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013, had raised antidumping duties  from zero percent in 2013 to 1.1 percent industry-wide, including Pakfood.  Marine Gold was left out of the 2014 preliminary review because it was excluded from the antidumping order as of February 1, 2012...

Full Story »

Russia calls New Zealand's efforts to create Ross Sea MPA "territorial games."

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Stuff] By Marshall Field - August 26, 2014 - 

Russia has accused New Zealand of trying to create a marine protected area (MPA) in the Ross Sea as a cover for asserting territorial claims.

While it says it favours MPAs, it has mocked the one New Zealand, Australia and the United States tried creating last year in the high-profile "Last Ocean" campaign.

It would have covered over 2.3 million square kilometres of the Ross Sea, off the coast of Antarctica, but a special meeting of the 25 members of the Commission for the Conservation on Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) failed to reach consensus.

Russia, China, Japan and Ukraine blocked it...

Full Story »

Fiji developing snapper fishery as domestic tuna industry struggles

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Radio New Zealand News International] - August 26, 2014 - 

New fisheries are being opened up in Fiji as the domestic tuna industry is struggling and companies are looking to other species to market to keep businesses afloat.

The Head of Fiji Fisheries, Graham Southwick, says he has spent considerable time and money exploring fisheries that were known to exist in New Zealand, but not necessarily Fiji.

Mr Southwick says they are fishing for deep water snapper and red snapper, at depths of up to 500 metres.

He says he has worked with the Government to get special protections put in place.


Full Story »

With battle for Market Basket apparently nearly over, can it thrive again? (Opinion)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Boston Globe] By Steven Syre  - August 26, 2014 - 

The governor may have jumped the gun last week, but it looks like the battle over Market Basket is nearly over and the supermarket chain can get back to business soon.

Now everyone will ask: Can it ever be the same?

There is no shortage of industry experts who warn that the things that made Market Basket special — significantly lower food prices for customers and generous compensation for employees — can’t survive with the kind of debt payments a resolution of the Demoulas family battle will probably require.

I don’t buy it. Market Basket is certainly going to go through a rough patch once everyone comes back to work and tries to restock the empty shelves. 

Full Story »

Cooked and peeled coldwater shrimp prices hit record highs, based on Icelandic sales data

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Undercurrent News] by Neil Ramsden Aug 25, 2014

Icelandic prices for cooked and peeled coldwater shrimp have reached what is thought to be an all-time high, driven by the shortage which has had processors worried for months.
The prices are the highest since April 2010 according to Icelandic price data supplied by Undercurrent News, and one European coldwater shrimp source said he believed they are the highest he has seen.
The graph below shows how prices have been on the rise for a year, but a particularly steep incline began in May 2014 and has not slowed.
Icelandic twice frozen prices for 100/200 pieces per kg, 150/250 and 250/350 are all at over £7.70 now, while 300/500 approaches the £6.25 per kg mark, and 500/800 the £5.25.
As for the past months, demand remains strong and there are customers willing to pay to secure extremely limited supplies...

Full Story »

Japan preparing to propose 50% cut in young tuna catch in Western and Central Pacific

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Asia One] - August 26, 2014 - 

Tokyo, Japan,the world's biggest consumer of tuna, has been reluctant to reduce catches, despite mounting scientific evidence that stocks are near collapse.

But in what it called "an epochal move towards more thorough regulation", Japan plans to propose during an upcoming regional fisheries conference that the amount of young fish that can be caught is slashed to half the 2002-2004 average.

Japan said it would propose members of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) adopt a 10-year recovery plan for Pacific bluefin tuna, beginning in 2015.


Full Story »

Despite some bright spots and exeeding projections, Alaska's salmon numbers far below last year

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] August 25, 2014 

In some areas of the state salmon is slamming, while in other areas fisherman are hanging up their gear for the 2014 season. 

Kotzebue is having a record year-fishermen have already pulled in over half a million chums for the first time since 1985. The ex vessel value could be three million dollars plus this year. The Lower Yukon is also slaying the chum salmon, having their biggest harvest since 1989... 


Full Story »

Ocean acidification poses latest threat to Long Island Sound's shellfish industry

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Newsday] by Jennifer Barrios - August 26, 2014

Long Island Sound, already choked with nitrogen, may also be becoming more acidic - a state that could threaten marine life.

Scientists are turning their attention to the phenomenon of ocean acidification - and its potential impact on the hard clams, oysters and other shellfish that make the Sound their home.

Acidic water could threaten Long Island's shellfish population during the most vulnerable stages of their lives - when they are beginning to form shells, said Christopher Gobler, a professor at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences who has been studying the issue...

Full Story »

Short supply raising shrimp prices in Japan

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Nikkei] - August 25, 2014 - 

TOKYO, Frozen shrimp prices are on the rise as supplies have taken a hit from a disease outbreak in Thailand and other producer countries. These high prices are also due in part to purchases made by U.S. and European buyers who bought on a temporary dip up to June.

The price for benchmark Thai whiteleg shrimp is up 20% from early June. This has in turn prompted a rise in the price of larger black tiger shrimp.

Many low-priced sushi establishments, including popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants, however, appear not to be passing higher costs on to customers. "We haven't hiked prices, even last year when costs started going up," said an official with the sushi chain Kura Corp. They appear to be shielded from wild price...


Full Story »

Globalpesca's Eduardo Infante says Chile's toothfish management is a disaster

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Techno Press] August 25, 2014

Chile's largest Chilean sea bass producer and top quota holder Globalpesca says the country's toothfish industry is a disaster where poor management has caused a severe reduction in the fishery's TAC and sent production costs skyrocketing.

Globalpesca's general manager Eduardo Infante said his company's toothfish quota is down 64 percent this year to just over 1,000 tons for the year. The executive blamed a pattern of indecision among scientists and fishery managers for failing to agree on a consistent standard for the toothfish resource...

Full Story »
Video Sponsored by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

India sets ambitious seafood export target: doubling value in three years to $10 billion

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Hindu] By Rajulapudi Srinivas - August 26, 2014 - 

VIJAYAWADA,ANDHRA PRADESH,  The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) will raise seafood exports from $5 billion to $10 billion in the next three years.

As part of the initiative, officials will meet stakeholders and take up issues such improving production, development of harbours, maintenance of quality and popularising of seafood, which is in good demand in coastal districts.

Besides, MPEDA officials are holding training sessions for aqua farmers to give them tips on cultivating high-quality yields. Incidentally, the officials explained the problems facing aqua farmers to Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Nirmala Sitharaman during her recent visit to Andhra Pradesh.

Full Story »

Final details of Canadian free trade agreement with EU provide big boost to lobster, seafood exports

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - Aug 25, 2014

The Canadian - European free trade deal will be signed in Ottawa on Sept. 25th.  The full technical text, a 1500 page document, was leaked in a German publication a few weeks ago, and appears to conform with the public summary that has been published. 
Speaking in PEI, Fisheries Minister Gail Shea said the lobster industry could be helped by the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and Europe.
She says CETA may open up many new markets for P.E.I. companies...

Full Story »

New Ahold-USA chief McCann outlines his ambitious "Project Thunder" plans

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Supermarket News] By Jon Springer - August  26, 2014 -  

The chief operating officer of Ahold USA is trying very hard to be modest amid ambitions that are anything but. His goal is to turn Ahold from what he considers today to be a “solid” retailer into a “truly great” one, and his comprehensive plan for doing so is only now starting to take root at the company’s stores.  

McCann believes Ahold’s stores — Stop & Shop, Giant-Carlisle and Giant-Landover — are good but need to be better, and are only now beginning to get there as a first wave of customer-centric investments roll through its 767 stores and employees begin to participate in a corporate framework for growth. This round of investments — focused primarily on selection and pricing in produce — will be followed by successive waves in the months and years ahead, McCann said...


Full Story »

Newfoundland invests in online sea lice monitoring system 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Advertiser] by Clayton Hunt - August 26, 2014

The aquaculture industry in the Coast of Bays continues to grow and modernize.

Miranda Pryor, the Executive Director of the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association, said that the industry continues to modernize with the implementation of an Internet-based Sea Lice Decision Support System in the province.

This trend is very important as the industry continues to produce sustainable high-quality products that have to compete with other aquaculture producing areas in the world...

Full Story »

Terrebone Parish fishermen upset over disruptive seismic survey during fall shrimp season

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Energy Monitor Worldwide] - August 26, 2014 - 

Local members of the shrimping industry are fuming at the state's decision to allow a large seismic survey project in lower Terrebonne Parish during the state's inshore fall shrimp season.

The project involves some 435 square miles of lower Terrebonne into St. Mary Parish. Locals have complained the work will interfere with the industry's most lucrative season, which is underway.

They also complain of being left out when the project was under consideration by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. If you put this out and you are going to mess up a man's paycheck, make damn good and sure that you work with the industry, said Kim Chauvin.

Full Story »

Western Pacific Fishery Council calls on President Obama to abandon vast marine monument

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Saving Seafood] - August 26, 2014 - 

Top leaders of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council board of directors say continuity of American Samoa as a major fishery port and fishing hub continues to be uncertain while China’s domination of Papua New Guinea’s canning industry is in direct competition with American Samoa.

This according to a five-page Aug.15th letter addressed to President Barack Obama and signed by Council chairman Arnold Palacio, as well as vice chairman William Sword of American Samoa, Edwin Ebisui of Hawai’i, Michael Duenas of Guam and Richard Seman of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands...

Full Story »

Captain D's strikes two more franchise deals that will open stores in Georgia and Florida

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] August 26, 2014

Captain D's continues to capitalize off of its stellar company performance over the last few years as the seafood restaurant chain has inked two more franchise deals that will grow its store presence in Georgia and Florida.

Mike Munshi, an award-winning Dairy Queen franchisee who owns seven locations in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama, has agreed to build three restaurants in the Atlanta market. Munshi's team will focus development in the McDonough, Jackson and Peachtree City areas.

Captain D's also signed David and Jamie Yates to a multi-unit deal. Over the next three years, the Yates plan to add two Captain D's restaurants in Tallahassee...

Full Story »

Tilapia seedlings in short supply, Hainan hatcheries expanding production by 20%

SEAFOODNEWS.COM []  Translated by Amy Zhong -Aug 25, 2014

Hainan - Tilapia seedlings are in a serious short supply this autumn and seedling companies are likely to expand their production by 20%.

This July has witnessed serious tilapia diseases and high mortality rate in many production areas of tilapias. Although there is a serious short supply of tilapia seedlings, it is impossible of seedling companies’ production on a large scale at present owing to the weather.
“A lot of customers have called to buy seedlings, but we find it difficult to meet such a great demand in the short term”, said Yu Minghai, the engineer from Guangzhou Tak Fishery Rights Development to the reporter from Agricultural Wealth on August 13. The bad farming situation in this July has led to a great number of dead tilapias as well as the prevalence of various diseases in the ponds. And due to the weather, seedling companies are not able to increase their production to improve the seedlings’ short supply.
Although there have been some broodstocks in the ponds currently, the seedling output is very small ...

Full Story »

Burger King will buy Tim Hortons in $11 billion deal

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Associated Press] August 26, 2014

Burger King confirmed Tuesday that it struck a deal to buy Tim Hortons Inc. for about $11 billion, a move that could help give the fast-food company a stronger foothold in the coffee and breakfast market.

The corporate headquarters of the new company will be in Canada, which may also help Burger King lower its taxes. Such tax inversions have been criticized by President Barack Obama and Congress because they mean a loss of tax revenue for the U.S. government. Burger King and Tim Hortons said the chains will continue to be run independently and that Burger King will still operate out of Miami...

Full Story »

Kotzebue - far above Arctic Circle - sees record chum fishery this year

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [ADN] by Suzanna Caldwell August 25, 2014

KOTZEBUE -- In an industry full of booms and busts, the Kotzebue commercial chum salmon fishery is exploding.
After decades of fluctuation, including a time when the fishery all but ceased to function, it’s back this year and fishermen are slaying.
So far, about 80 permit holders -- about 69 of whom fish on a consistent basis -- have brought in 4.45 million pounds of salmon. On July 28, those fishermen brought in 534,000 pounds of fish to the fishery, 10 times more than the average of 50,000-70,000 pounds of fish that usually get caught each day...

Full Story »

Market Basket board calls off crucial Sunday evening meeting

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Boston Globe] - Augsut 24, 2014 - 

The Market Basket board of directors has called off a board meeting planned for Sunday night, as rival factions of the Demoulas family struggle to finalize a deal to give control of the company to ousted president Arthur T. Demoulas.

The parties are still negotiating multiple terms of Demoulas’s $1.5 billion offer to buy the 50.5 percent of the company owned by Arthur S. Demoulas and other family members. Prospects for a deal remain uncertain, though both sides have expressed optimism in recent days.

Earlier Sunday, the board made plans to meet at 10 p.m. Then came word that the meeting was put off. No explanation was given...

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Methane is seeping from seafloor Off East Coast, scientists say

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [New York Times] By Henry Fountainaug - August 25, 2014 - 

Scientists have discovered methane gas bubbling from the seafloor in an unexpected place: off the East Coast of the United States where the continental shelf meets the deeper Atlantic Ocean.

The methane is emanating from at least 570 locations, called seeps, from near Cape Hatteras, N.C., to the Georges Bank southeast of Nantucket, Mass. While the seepage is widespread, the researchers estimated that the amount of gas was tiny compared with the amount released from all sources each year.

They said the depths of the seeps suggested that in most cases the gas did not reach the atmosphere but rather dissolved in the ocean, where it could affect the acidity of the water, at least locally....

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