Fri. Jul 21 2017

ANALYSIS: Shrimp Market Prices Generally Stable  

ANALYSIS: Imported Mahi Mahi Prices Remain Near Record High Levels Amid Limited Production  

NOAA Locates Crabber F/V Destination Wreckage; Coast Guard Hearing Set for August

New President of B.C. Wildlife Federation Aims for Stability

Clean Seas Seafood Rebrands and Launches New Kingfish Campaign

Senators Collins, King Introduce Resolution to Designate September 25, 2017, as National Lobster Day

Australian Heard and McDonald Islands Toothfish Fishery is Recertified Under MSC News Summary Friday, July 21, 2017

Thu. Jul 20 2017

ANALYSIS: Chilean Market Continues to Weaken to Levels Now Below 2016  

West Coast Dungeness Crab Season: Rocky Start, Good Markets, High Value  

BlueOcean Expanding Market for Pure Polar Shrimp Oil  

VIDEO: Trident Seafoods Value; Bakkafrost Bacteria Outbreak; UK Seafood Fraud

Canadian Fisheries Puts $8.9 Million in Upgrade, Expansion of St. Andrews Biological Station in NB

High Quality Shrimp Breeding Farm Set Up in Mekong Delta News Summary Thursday July 20, 2017

Wed. Jul 19 2017

Bakkafrost Shuts Down Salmon Harvesting Due to Listeria; Market to be Short Large Fish

UK Sushi Bars Accused of Mislabeling Some Seafood, but Not as Much as US   (0)

New Study Quantifies Impact of Different Types of Bottom Trawls on Seabed Ecosystem  

Global Salmon Initiative Strengthens Global Presence with Acceptance of Four New Members  

China Research Vessel Leaves Tomorrow for First Circumnavigation of Arctic Rim

Chicago Tastemakers Meet Maine's Most Iconic Seafood: Lobster  

Live Canadian Geoducks Arrive at New Airport Clearance Site in Qingdao For First Time News Summary Wednesday July 19, 2017

Tue. Jul 18 2017

Bristol Bay Run Exceeds 50M, Catch Over 33M, Season Not Over Yet  

Gulf Reef Fishermen Support Conservationists Lawsuit Against NOAA Fisheries on Red Snapper  

Russian Salmon Season off to Strong Start; up 30-40% Over 2015  

Japan Claims China Exceeded International Management Measures for Mackerel  

Chinese Mainland Demand for Crayfish is High; Industry Employs 5 Million News Summary Tuesday July 18, 2017

Fish Oil Group Launches Improved Standard in Marine Ingredient Industry  

Mon. Jul 17 2017

ASMFC Blasts Secretary Ross Decision on Summer Flounder in Favor of New Jersey’s Recreational Sector News Summary Monday July 17, 2017

Russian Fishing Tycoon Gurinov to Control 30% of Catch of Sardines and Mackerel in Russia  

Guangxi Shrimp Farmers Worried About Shrimp Survival After Heavy Rains  

Inslee Vetoes Anti-Shrimp Legislation That Would Have Helped Washington Oyster Growers  

Ron Jensen, Long Time Seafood Industry Leader, Has Died

Sun. Jul 16 2017

Bristol Bay Run Exceeds 50M, Catch Over 33M, Season Not Over Yet  

Bristol Bay Run Exceeds 50M, Catch Over 33M, Season Not Over Yet  

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India Opens Shrimp Farming Sector to Overseas Foreign Investment

India has announced new rules to allow 100 percent foreign investment and ownership in its fisheries and aquaculture sector. The policy radically changes its foreign direct investment (FDI) program for foreign investment in India's aquaculture sector, which includes breeding and brood stock. The reform is expected to help India boost its fish and shrimp production and exports of high-valued products.

Major Chinese white shrimp exporter Guolian signed a contract with Yum! Brands to supply the company's fast food chains with shrimp. Yum! Brands owns and operates the KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut restaurant brands. In addition to supplying the chains with shrimp, Goulian will also develop new products for the operators' menus. Additionally, Goulian will manage Yum!'s seafood supply chain.

In other news, a lobster model produced by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute gives a 96 percent probability that a surge in Maine's lobster landings will occur before June 26th. This is about two weeks earlier than normal. This is because of temperatures in the central Gulf of Maine running about 1 degree Fahrenheit higher than the 14 year average. So far, lobsters are just trickling in although more and more new shell lobsters are entering the market according to reports from the region's fishermen.

Meanwhile, U.S Cado Holdings is the first seafood distributor in the US to recall imported pangasius fillets for not meeting federal requirements under the USDA’s Catfish Inspection Program. The company recalled 25,760 pounds of its Sea Queen brand of frozen pangasius fillets imported from Vietnamese producer and supplier Golden Quality Seafood. The 2-lb packages containing skinless and boneless fillets were produced and packed on March 30, 2016. The items were shipped to Aldi distribution centers in Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Finally, a Maine fishing boat captain faces prosecution after an inspector reported finding additional shellfish, worth more than $6,000, hidden in the vessel's hold. The vessel in question, the Loriann, was unloading its catch at the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange in Gloucester when the hidden scallops were uncovered. The inspector found an additional 361 pounds of scallop meat in six bags hidden under the ice in the ice pens. The case was turned over to NMFS to handle the prosecution.

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