Fri. Mar 24 2017

Torrential Rain, Massive Flooding Deals Blow to Peruvian Scallop Production  

VIDEO: Back from Boston; Alaska Salmon Season Forecast and Stolen Scallops Reach New England Market  

New Wave's Vegan, Algae-Based Shrimp Ahead of Distribution Schedule as Gets Quick Market Interest  

EU Funding Same DNA Technology That Identified Horsemeat to Properly Label Imported Snapper

Hillborn to Speak on Sustaining Food From the Seas in Prestigious Lecture

Cuba Inaugurates Ocean Acidification Observatory

StarKist Goes Bold With New Tuna Pouch Flavors News Summary Friday March 24, 2017

Thu. Mar 23 2017

Oregon Pink Shrimp Price Negotiations Canceled This Week  

Sitka Herring Roe Fleet Has Now Caught More than Half the Quota  

Proposed Rule Will Allow Alaska Fishermen to Test New, Voluntary Electronic Monitoring

Thai Union Expands Work Against Human Trafficking in Supply Chain to Include Global Retailers

Worldwide Industry, NGOs Advocate for Policy Changes in Tuna Fisheries in 2017 News Summary Thursday March 23, 2017

Wed. Mar 22 2017

Sakhalin Officials Arrested For Allowing IUU Russian Crab to Flow to China  

GAA, MultiExport Foods and Mitsui Sign Initiative to reduce SRS Salmon Disease in Chile  

SFP Announces Merger of Two Major Squid FIP Monitoring Groups in South America and Asia  

Western Pacific Council to Tackle Management in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument News Summary Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tue. Mar 21 2017

Boston Show Upbeat Again this Year as Footprint Expands

Sitka Herring Roe Fleet Catches 25 Percent of GHL in Three Hours

Fishpeople Seafood and Open Blue Win Seafood Excellence Awards at Boston Show

Mariner Seafood Prepared for Retail Distribution of GO WILD Brand That Extends Fresh Shelf Life

SeaWeb Names 16 Finalists for 2017 Seafood Champion Awards News Summary Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mon. Mar 20 2017

SeaWatch Launches Foodservice Line of Frozen Soups; Expands to Retail in Partnership with Bar Harbor  

GAA Signs Agreement for Major Chinese E-Commerce Retailer to Distribute BAP Certified Seafood

Mike Tourkistas Steps Down from CEO Role as East Coast Seafoods Hires New CEO  

Preferred Freezers Will Open Facilities in Texas, Chicago this Year; to Build Ninth NJ/NY Warehouse

OCI Announces Project to Move Canadian Redfish towards MSC Requirements  

Vons Albertsons, Hannaford Retailers Will Carry Bristol Seafood's Fair Trade USA Certified Scallops  

Raw Seafoods Hires Former "Boston Chef of the Year" Walter Zuromski as Director of R&D

San Diego's Catalina Offshore Products Launches Domestically Caught Hook and Line Canned Tuna

Anomalous 2015 Ocean Conditions May Bode Poorly for West Coast Juvenile Chinook Salmon Survival News Summary Monday, March 20, 2017

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Icelandic Group Continues to Streamline GlobalBusiness; Puts Belgian Subsidiary Gadus Up for Sale 

The Board of Icelandic Group has initiated a public sales process for its Belgian operation, Gadus. The company is the second largest fish processor in the Belgian fresh fish market and sells about 7,000 metric tons of product annually. This is the latest subsidiary Icelandic Group has put up for sale in the last six months. In September Icelandic sold off its Spanish subsidiary, Icelandic Ibérica, to seafood producers in Iceland. Meanwhile, in December, Icelandic completed an agreement to sell its fresh cod producing and exporting subsidiary Ný-Fiskur to Nesfiskur ehf.

Vietnamese shrimp exporters hope they can raise their annual exporting revenues to $10 billion by expanding its production of black tiger shrimp. Minh Phu Company, Vietnam's single largest shrimp producer and exporter, said it is prepared to work with farmers to breed more black tigers. Minh Phu said it would use an advanced farming system that would double its current per hectare output.

In other news, Washington state lawmakers proposed two bills that would permanently extend a tri-state fishery management agreement for the Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab fishery. Currently, Washington, Oregon and California cooperatively manage the West Coast crab fishery in federal waters under a tri-state agreement was first authorized in 1998. The proposals sponsored by Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Jaime Herrera Beutle will make this management scheme permanent. “This legislation preserves an effective agreement that has allowed Pacific Coast states to sustainably manage our crab fisheries for many years," said Cantwell.

Meanwhile, Australia has banned the imports of raw white shrimp to its market because of the first ever outbreak of white spot in five Queensland shrimp farms. Additionally, Australian shrimp farmers are demanding a federal investigation into how the disease arrived in Queensland. The suspicion is the disease was shipped in through tainted imports from an overseas supplier.

Finally, Chicken of the Sea International (COSI) has launched a campaign that challenges Americans to eat more seafood per the USDA’s updated Dietary Guidelines. The challenge encourages US consumers to use seafood instead of another protein in at least two meals per week. The program will run through March 15, 2017.

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