Fri. Jun 23 2017

NFI, Importers Dealt Setback by Court in Ruling over Seafood Traceability Rule

ANALYSIS: Live Lobster Market Following Seasonal Trends  

Atlantic Capes Promotes Two Executives to Operations and Financial Roles  

Thu. Jun 22 2017

Japan Frozen Salmon Market Weakens Ahead of New Season Production in Russia and Alaska  

ANALYSIS: Atlantic Salmon Frozen Fillet Imports Beginning to Rise  

Brits All At Sea on Old Fish Names

Zhanjiang Aquatic Products Exposition Draws Purchaser and Visitors from Around the World News Summary Thursday June 22, 2017

Norway Sees Rise in Export Values in May  

Wed. Jun 21 2017

BuyBack Program for Non-Whiting Trawl Fleet Continues to Generate Excessive Costs with no Relief   (0)

ANALYSIS: Scallop Market Prices Retreat from All-Time Highs  

New Bedford Mayor Says Rafael Represented 75% of their Groundfish Landings; Pleads to Keep Permits

Mexican Film on Tilapia Workers Wins First Prize for World Seafood Congress Women in Seafood Videos

Just Shrimp Adds Healthy Alternatives to Attract Younger Diners News Summary Wednesday June 21, 2017

Tue. Jun 20 2017

Peeled Shrimp Margins Squeezed by Two Year Decline  

Bocaccio, Darkblotch Rockfish Assessment Updates Show Stocks Rebuilt  

Oregon Trawl Commission Strongly Disputes Our Criticism of MSC's Approach to West Coast Groundfish   (0)

Chris Oliver Named Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries

Stavis Seafoods to Pack Fresh Fish in 100% Recyclable Material

Americold Announces Appointment of Tim Hinckley as Executive VP & CCO

Editorial Changes at Seafood News Announced With Susan Chambers Named Associate Editor

VIDEO: Farmed Salmon Prices in Seasonal Decline  

Canadian Gov’t Says NL Plant Workers Will get Extra 5 Weeks of Employment Insurance Benefit

California Budget Bill Lowers Landing Fees From State Proposal News Summary Tuesday June 20, 2017

Mon. Jun 19 2017

MSC Could be Kiss of Death for West Coast Groundfish   (0)

Flood of Sick and Weak Shrimp Depresses Market Prices in China during first part of June  

Battle Over Snow Crab by Russian Oligarchs Leads to Record Bidding in Quota Auction  

Port Moller Test Boat Out for Today, Bristol Bay Pre-Season Measurement Program in 50th Year  

New Shrimp Prices to be Set in Newfoundland, With Uncertainty Whether Market Will Accept Increase  

Antibiotic Usage Among Chilean Fish Farms Down 30% in 2016  

Acme Smoked Fish Adds Sashimi Style Smoked Salmon to Blue Hill Bay Brand  

Australia's Southern Rock Lobster Stocks Showing Resistance to Climate Change News Summary Monday June 19, 2017

Fri. Jun 16 2017

Farmed Salmon Prices Enter Summer Season Decline  

First Port Moeller Report Suggests Bristol Bay Sockeye Run Timing Normal, Close to Forecasts  

Hokkaido Squid Processors Ask Japan to Increase Import Quota After Poor Harvests  

Omega Protein Enters Atlantic and Gulf Mendaden Fisheries into MSC Assessment Process News Summary Friday June 16, 2017

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Era of High Shrimp Output in China is 'Gone Forever'

The era of high shrimp output in China may be gone forever. This corresponds with predictions that China will become the largest global shrimp importer this year. In today's story we breakdown shrimp production forecasts for the all of the major aquaculture regions across China. Overall, poor weather and high incidence of disease in many areas appear to show that farmed shrimp production will be lower in the first half of this year than last year.

Even though the EU has raised its inspection rates on Indian seafood imports, rejections have been in steady decline the last five years. The EU is now inspecting half of all seafood imported from India. Previously that figure was just 10 percent. "However, Indian seafood industry proved its mettle and managed to withstand the new restrictions, by maintaining a low rejection rate," said A Jayathilak, chairman of MPEDA.

In other news, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for the 3Ps cod fishery in Newfoundland has been voluntarily suspended by the certificate holders. A recent spike in mortalities prompted the suspension and efforts are underway to identify the cause so the fishery can get the certification reinstated. “While recent recruitment of young fish has been above average, the reality is, the science now shows a concerning trend in the 3Ps cod stock. In fact, modeled estimates of total mortality have increased by over 65 percent since the initial assessment for certification,” said Dr. Kris Vascotto, Executive Director of the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council.

Meanwhile, the Copper River salmon season starts tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Alaska time, signaling the first large run of fresh sockeye in the world. The 2017 commercial harvest projections for sockeye salmon are 889,000 fish. This is usually the best time to target chinook or king salmon, as their run peaks at the early part of the sockeye run. But this year, biologists are forecasting a total run of only 29,000 chinook, the smallest on record since 1985.

Finally, the first ever Bristol Bay Fish Expo will be held this year on June 9th and 10th, just prior to the opening of the salmon season. The event is modeled on Comfish in Kodiak, and on the Seattle Fish Expo. The event is a chance for some of the processors in the Bay to become more acquainted with community needs.

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